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Welcome to Glitter Creations Biz.

My name is Namrata. And I am excited to share with you what we have in store.

Everybody sells some art work and so have I . We have focused mainly on handmade designs but we also have Custom made designs.

Art is in many ways a simple word of 3 letters. But while you sit with it or wear it on. It has tremendous feeling of Self happiness. Not to satisfy someone but you and is your own.. Have you heard of Viisual arts? You must have. There are T- shirts, Mugs and so on. So, here we are with " Words" and " Images ". You can order the one you like . 

Payment is done by Credit or Debit. Have a look and shop !

Cheers !!!

We respect our customers and believe in them till

they are completely satisfied. For others, you lost the chance of knowing us.

An idea clicked and I was so thrilled and excited to share the new style of writing our blocks in Words and Images. They are in patterns, mandalas, or simple words.

Mr & Mrs Desai

We are dedicated to our loyal customers who is a friend, relative or just a passerby. You as a customer have done us so proud. 

Our Slogan " Elegant we sell what you want "

Glit items are Online & MADE TO ORDER basis. They are Customized/Handmade items. You can order through Online site. The delivery charges for Glit products are in New Zealand dollars


The primary consideration when choosing from the shopping cart is to choose what you would want for the occasion . Whether you buy something for your friend , colleague , relative, person who must have settled overseas or relocated. It will remind them of that place they had spend with you.

Our service :

We at Glitter Creations Biz sell Customised and Handmade items. Customised products like Cards, flyers, Bags, pens, banners, visiting cards, photo /flip books, calendars, sticker/labels, post cards, Handmade Cookies & Chocolates. We also run an online class on Craftwise art DIY Clay fun , Color, Mandalas or Rangoli.

Our Procedure:

Items are forwarded by post or otherwise as stated by the customer & his/her destination. Items delivered amount is stated depending on the destination is domestic / International order. We will do our best in providing efficient service to our loyal customers at all times.

Glitter items are "Subject to Availability" and incase of any shortage we will let you know immediately.

Q. When do we deliver the items ?

FREE !!! pick up within NEW ZEALAND

It takes for Normal delivery 3 days within New Zealand. Destination other than New Zealand will be subject to the country mentioned & it might take 7 - 21 days to deliver.

Q What is the payment procedure?

Its by Pay pal account payment through debit or Credit cards, Cheques or Cash payments . Cheque or Cash is accepted from NZ customers only (No Eftpos please) see the address below.

Pay pal transaction is open to all the customers in New Zealand or outside NZ . Its instant and payment is accepted in advance for both handmade & custom made items.

Write Cheque payable to :

M/s Glitter Creations Biz


View - Glit faqs & terms n conditions.