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Hello !!!

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions about the website

'Glitter Creations Online'  

  • Where can we see these Glitter Creation products ? - Nams Glitter Creations is basically Online for customized & handmade products. And as we do not have a retail outlet you can view & also place the order/s through our website Glitter Creations Biz . Now, though it is Online you can contact us and we will do our best to help you .
  • Do we have to register ? What is your procedure? -Yes. Simply fill up your registration details and <submit> That means you are a part of the Glitter Creation family . You are also subscribed to receive a Free ! Newsletter welcoming your registration as a Member or Guest ( check email for customer member/guest number ) . There is a GC gift voucher of $5.00 off on your first order on any handmade products only.
  • How do you proceed with the orders?-Your subscribed order/s are processed only after confirming with your personal details provided. After selecting items through the Web store you proceed for payments and delivery . We at the receiving end then set the item/s which are Customized or Handmade. . If the item is said to be out of stock we immediately let you know. We once again confirm your delivery details through your Customer forms received either by a phone call or online format. Mind you these details are just kept for reference and follow up purpose only. We then proceed and confirm with its delivery. If at all there is change of address please let us know in advance.
  • Can I unsubscribe the account ? - Yes, for our already registered & regular members to unsubscribe you give your email, guest or member number & reason for leaving us, and press delete account . You will get a confirmation customers individual account status from us about the closure.
  • Can we email other people about Glitter Creations ? - Yes , In the Glit sign in & register page there are icons at the end of the page and email is one of them. It is for our registered regular customers to give references of your family , relatives, colleagues and friends who are interested in joining Glitter creations .
  • What is the significance of Custom made & Hand made ? - Products made to order, according to the customer's specifications . An item customized to sell to an individual or an organisation on order/orders placed. Hand made item is done by hand from scratch .
  • We confirm the requirements with a Customer . Whereby the customer 's expressions, personality and impression is molded.
  • What is Craft wise Cr8 art ? is it for anyone to join ? - Cr8 art is an creative class for the children before they step in schools . No, its for the children only upto the age of 6 years . for more information go to Craft wise icon & before that do register with Glitter creations.
  • How to respond to a blog message ? - Simply go to a Glit news icon & search through the Categories & click on the Sub topic then you have post comment.
  • What is faq ? Everybody will have queries and some of the frequently asked questions for answers go to FAQs icon for same
  • Where can we see Terms & Conditions ? - Glit Terms & Condition icon is on the website . Customer can contact us if you have any query.
  • Can we Pay online? -Yes. Pay online is quick and easy wherever you are. It is a final instant payment for NGC within New Zealand and living Abroad customers.
  • For which occasion should I buy these products ?-Surprisingly enough, most of our customers decide it's just time for a little surprise treat. However, it makes perfect gifts for birthdays, festivals, anniversaries or even a casual visits to your friends, relatives, corporate gifts and more....
  • Do you also take customers ideas into your making of the Glitter Creations items ? Yes , we do accept customers ideas as far as they are okay for us to make the necessary items.
  • What if we want to pay by Cheque, Cash, credit or debit?
  • - Note: Cheques/Cash payment is accepted for NZ customers only . Pay pal credit or debit is for all customers within /outside New Zealand (No Eftpos please). Payments for cheque or cash is accepted by hand or post on the address given below.
Write cheque in the favour of
M/s Glitter Creations Biz

>>> For more queries do contact us .